Credit Cards for People With Bad Credit

If your credit history is shaky (even if you've declared bankruptcy), you can apply for bad credit credit cards and begin to re-establish your credit worthiness. Some of banks offer guaranteed cards, where they will basically accept all applications with a security deposit. Other banks determine acceptance based on employment or income level. You can check out the various offers below to find a credit card that fits your needs and circumstances.

Generally creditors who offer cards for people with poor credit will offset their risk by charging higher interest rates, requiring security deposits, charging annual fees, and establishing lower credit limits. Also remember that numerous inquiries on your credit report will not look good, so shop around first and compare the different rates and terms before you apply for a card.

When searching for credit cards, you should begin by establishing what exactly is showing up on your credit record. You can do this by accessing your credit report, and then reviewing it for any information that is in error. If there are errors on your credit report, here is some information on disputing a credit report mistake. If there are delinquencies, you can work on bringing these accounts up to date. Sometimes correcting your data and improving your payment history can help build up your credit worthiness enough to apply for an unsecured credit card.

The cards listed above may not be your only option. You can check out other offers in the following sections: