Credit Information You Can Use

To help you make wise choices, the resources below offer credit information to help you understand and maintain your financial standing. You'll find articles to help you compare various card offers, understand your credit report and score, learn how to protect your identity, and more.

Credit Card Offers

Credit Card Offers

Compare various offers either by issuing bank or type of card, and browse what is available in different countries. There are also prepaid options available if you don't qualify for a regular card. You can also apply for the card of your choice by using the secure online application form found on specific pages. Read more ...

Credit Reports

Information on credit reports

Your report can determine whether you'll get a loan, a job, or even a place to rent. Find out how to get a copy of your report (there are even options to get it free), interpret what it says about your financial standing, and dispute any errors that are keeping you from getting the loan, card, or position you deserve. Read more ...

Understanding Your Score

Understanding your credit score

These scores are used to establish interest rates on loans and charge cards, set insurance risk and rates, and determine general credit-worthiness. Find out how your score is calculated, who can access it, and how you can build it up. There is also a simulator that allows you to estimate what your score would be given your current situation. Read more ...

Debt Solutions

Erasing Debt

Even if you are drowning in debt, there are steps you can take to lessen the load. Learn how to take control of your debts, avoid the minimum payment trap, and restore your financial standing. Find out if you should consider a consolidation loan or if bankruptcy is a valid option in your situation. Read more ...

Protecting Your Identity

Preventing identity theft

Learn what you can do to avoid identity theft, how to protect yourself against fraudulent use of your personal information, and steps you should take if you've lost your wallet. Plus, find out the ploys thieves use to get your information (hint: it varies from dumpster diving to email spoofing). Read more ...

Managing Your Finances

Credit tips to manage your finances

Learn about consumer rights, legislation, and other topics that could impact your financial standing. Find out how you can protect yourself during a divorce, get tips on reducing your expenses during a recession, and when consumer counseling can help you get control of your finances. Read more ... does not sell any personally identifiable information, as outlined in our privacy policy.