The Best Credit Card Offers

We provide the best credit card offers to help you select the one that best fits your individual needs. You can compare credit cards and debit cards by browsing the various types of cards available, or you can search what is offered by the individual issuing banks. Once you find the card for you, it is easy and secure to apply for the card online.

You can start your credit card search by comparing major credit cards and prepaid debit cards in any of the main categories listed below.

Debit & Credit Card Offers by Card Type

Prepaid Cards
Don't qualify for a regular credit card, but need the flexibility that one offers? Then a prepaid card may be the answer.

Prepaid Debit Cards
If you're considering applying for a debit card, read about the pros and cons of owning this type of card.

Best Cash Back Cards
Get rewarded when you use your credit card by getting up to 5% cash back on your major purchases such as groceries, gas, office supplies, and food.

Best Gas Card
Considering the high price of gasoline these days, it's a good idea to choose a credit card that offers cash back rebates when you fill your tank.

  • Choosing a Business Gas Card - Here is what to consider before applying for a business gas card plus where to locate cards that will fit your needs. 

  • Types of Gas Cards - Determining the type of gas credit card that's best for you.

Credit Card Rewards
With these special credit card offers, you can earn airline miles, points towards merchandise, cash back bonuses and more. The choice is yours.

Business Credit Cards
Small business owners need more than just a regular credit card. These cards offer low interest rates, free employee cards, rewards, and more.

Low Interest Rate
We've selected the cards that we feel offer the best value in terms of interest rates and rewards.

Secured Credit Cards
Here you will find the best secured credit cards that report to the credit bureaus so that it will benefit your credit standing.

Unsecured Credit Cards
Unlike secured cards, unsecured cards don’t require a deposit. Instead, approval is based on a person’s credit history and earning potential.

Student Credit Cards
Credit cards for high school & college students who are just starting out. This is your chance to begin building your credit history.

  • College Credit Cards - How modeling financial responsibility at home can help your child learn how to use credit cards the right way.

Bad Credit Cards
Even if your credit less than perfect, these companies will issue you a credit card so that you have the ability to purchase goods and reserve motels, airline tickets, and rental cars.

Prepaid Cards For Children
Teach your teen how to manage their money responsibly with a prepaid card that you can monitor.

Visa Cards
Visa credit cards are the number one credit card, offering exceptional convenience and reliability. Accepted at nearly 24 million locations in over 150 countries, it's a secure, reliable way to pay for anything you need, no matter where you are.

Credit Card Offers by Issuing Bank

Advanta Business Credit Cards - With the exit of Advanta Bank from the lending industry, Advanta business credit cards were cancelled, leaving business owners scrambling for alternative credit sources.

American Express Charge Card - American Express gives competitive rates on personal and business credit cards, with a variety of rewards cards, balance transfer offers, and more.

Bank of America Cards - Bank of America offers a comprehensive line of credit cards with low competitive rates, and extensive reward programs redeemable for cash, travel, merchandise, and more.

Chase Credit Cards are offered by the JPMorgan Chase group, a leading financial services corporation. These cards offer a variety of benefits such as low APR, balance transfer deals, cash back rebates, travel cards, and more.

Citi Mastercard - CitiBank offers credit cards for consumers with average to good credit. CitiBank is well-known for its 0% introductory rates on many of their credit cards. In addition to competitive rates, most of their credit cards come with no annual fees, plus rewards.

Discover Card Services - With Discover card services, you get the benefit of no annual fees on most cards, great low rates, rewards, and cash back bonuses. In addition to being America's leading cash back credit card, Discover offers excellent customer service and fraud detection.

First National Bank of Omaha offers a variety of cards for consumers and businesses that feature competitive interest rates, low intro apr, rewards and more. If you have good credit, these cards are designed for you.

PREMIER Credit Card Offers - These credit cards are ideal for people with less than perfect credit, offering some of the lowest interest rates around for this category.

International Credit Cards

Canadian Credit Cards - Before you apply for a credit card in Canada, make sure that you know what to look for in order to get the best deal possible.

UK Credit Cards - This country has become a nation that is fairly reliant on paying for purchases on plastic, whether debit or credit card. Find out the pros and cons of each.

Credit Cards - Australia: Compare offers and learn how to apply for an Australian credit card online

Belgium Credit Cards - Various Belgian credit cards and information.

Norway Credit Card Offers available to Norwegian residents and exchange students. 

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