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The Personal Finance and Credit Blog is dedicated to discussing issues relating to personal credit, such as:

  • Finding the best credit card rate for your situation
  • Understanding credit reports and credit scoring systems
  • Consumer credit rights
  • Debt-free solutions to help you regain control
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Choosing a Business Gas Card

Business Gas Card

If you're looking to save money on fuel costs, these tips on choosing a business gas card can help you find the one for your needs.

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The Best Cash Back Credit Cards

Cash Back Credit Cards

Finding the best cash back credit cards just got a little easier, with the following list of the top cash back and rewards cards around.

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Visa Credit Cards - What You Need to Know

Visa Credit Cards

Visa credit cards give you the universal acceptance and prestige that you deserve. Find out about the different types of Visa cards to choose the best one for you.

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College Credit Cards - Lessons Learned At Home

College credit cards

Many young adults get their first credit card in college, but whether they use it responsibly or not is often shaped by lessons learned from their parents.

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Understanding Credit Card Rewards

Credit Card Rewards

Credit card rewards let you earn you points toward airline travel and hotel rooms, rebates on gas purchases and more. They are enticing, but are they worth it?

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