Online Credit Card Applications

Individual credit card applications can be filled out online after you choose the card that best suits your circumstances.

When you choose a credit card you want, make sure to read the terms and conditions when you get to the description page for that card. This will give you specific details about the interest rate you will be charged, whether there will be an annual fee, how long the grace period is before interest is charged, what types of penalties and default rates there are, plus more. It's also a good idea to print this information out to keep for future reference until you get your printed disclosure material in the mail.

When filling out the online form, answer all the questions truthfully and completely. Many people are reluctant to give out this information, especially their social security number, but your information should be safe if you are applying for a credit card from a reputable company. You also need to be sure to give a street address (not a PO Box or general delivery) where it asks for your mailing address.

After filling everything out, go back over all your information to be sure that it is correct before you click the submit button. Once your information is verified, you will usually be told how long it will take to process your request. If it doesn't say how long it will take, you can usually count on receive either an approval or denial from the credit card company within two to three weeks.

Now that you have the basics of applying online for a credit card, you can check out the various credit card offers.