First National Bank and First Bankcard

First Bankcard is a division of the First National Bank of Omaha—a leader among current credit cards. First Bankcard draws on 160 years of experience serving 250 financial institutions and affinity partners nationwide. The partners of First Bankcard come from a wide variety of industries, such as nonprofits, automotive, oil, retail, and travel. 

The history of First Bankcard goes back as far as 1856 when settlers made their way across the Missouri River on a mission to share a picnic in the Nebraska Territory. Omaha was founded when one of those picnickers gave a donation of $600 in gold dust to purchase an official charter. By 1857, the first bank in Omaha, the Kountze Brothers Bank, opened its doors. 

The Early Years

This fledgling bank traded primarily in buffalo hides and gold dust; today, the Kountze Brothers Bank is the oldest national bank west of the Missouri River. By 1863, the Kountze Brothers had expanded its business to include the First National Bank of Omaha, bringing in more investors.

In 1913, the First National Bank of Omaha became the first bank to target female customers with their “Ladies’ Department.” By 1933, the Great Depression had forced more than 750 banks in the state of Nebraska to close their doors. The First National Bank of Omaha held onto their bank by honoring each and every withdrawal and extending their hours. 

First National Bank - First in the Region to Issue Its Own Credit Card 

By 1953, The First National Bank of Omaha became the first bank in this region, and fifth in the nation to issue its own credit card. As one of the first banks in the country to start issuing credit cards to customers, they are now one of the top merchant processors and credit card issuers in the county thanks to their hard work and innovation.

The First National Bank of Omaha was doing so well, that by 1971, the huge First National Center was built in downtown Omaha. The Center was attached to an opulent 420-room hotel and boasted a massive parking garage. The First National Bank of Omaha then created a green space with two sculpture parks in the city, later completing construction on the First National Tower, which would soon be hailed as the tallest building between Denver and Chicago. 

First National Bank Expands to Other States

In 2008, First National Bank of Omaha bought the Mills County Banks in Silver City, Iowa, and Glenwood, Iowa. By 2010, the First National Bank of Omaha’s charter encompassed the First National Bank of Colorado, The First National Bank of Nebraska, the First National Bank of Kansas, and Castle Bank in DeKalb, IL. 

Today, the First National Bank of Omaha has branches in Illinois, Kansas, Colorado, Texas, Iowa, and Nebraska. While the state of Texas has four First National Bank of Omaha branches, these banks operate under the name of First National Bank Southwest. 

FNBO Adds Online Savings Accounts, Online Billpay and CDs

FNBO Direct, a division of the First National Bank of Omaha, launched a campaign across the nation to promote online savings accounts in 2007 to honor the bank’s 150th anniversary. This soon expanded to include Online Billpay, and Certificates of Deposit.

First National Merchant Solutions is now the 4th largest bank processor in the nation and the 6th largest in-house processor. Many of the manual credit card processes used in 1967 were automated by The First National Bank of Omaha, even down to offering descriptive billing statements. 

First National Merchant Solutions were pioneers once again when they offered merchants ACH and credit card transactions in the same batch file, then allowed merchants to resolve chargebacks online. The First National Bank of Omaha also underwrites Merchant Services, Inc. and International Merchant Services. 

First National Bank of Omaha Today

Today, FNBO has more than 60 years of credit card issuing experience, and more than $1 billion in total managed assets. First National Bank of Omaha has partnered with more than 250 companies and institutions to offer co-branded cards and currently has over 3 million active credit card accounts.   

FNBO offers consumer credit cards for people with good credit who are seeking low introductory rates, rewards, online access to their accounts, and the protection and prestige that comes with the Visa and American Express logo. These cards offer competitive low interest rates and most don't charge an annual fee, so you're sure to find a great card for your needs. They also offer a secured card for people who want to rebuild or establish their credit history.

Note: Information about these cards has been collected independently by CreditSourceOnline. The issuer did not provide the details, nor is it responsible for their accuracy. 

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