American Express Charge Card and Credit Cards

Even though most people consider the American Express Charge Card to be the flagship of the company, it was actually an addition much later on in the company's history. American Express started out in 1850 not as a banking company, but rather as an express delivery business. A little over thirty years later, the company launched the money order business which became the foundation of its initial financial services.

American Express issued its first charge card in 1958 and quickly became a recognized brand in the world of credit cards. Today, the company operates in over 130 countries providing financial services around the globe.

Types of American Express Cards

Today, people can choose from the traditional American Express charge card where your balance is due in full every month or a more conventional Amex credit card where you can carry a balance each month.

For personal cards, you can find one that matches your lifestyle and needs. If you travel a lot, there are many cards that will reward you for your purchase activities by allowing you to earn flights and motel stays. Other cards award points and cash back every time you use your card. A few of the notable cards that are currently available are personal cards such as the Premier Rewards Gold, Blue Cash Preferred, and the Gold Delta Skymiles.

For business owners, they offer cards with useful rewards and lots of bonuses tailored to your needs. Cards such as the Business Gold Rewards, Simply Cash, Business Platinum Card, or various corporate cards such as the Executive or Corporate card make it easy to manage your finances while getting lots of perks. Yes, the membership fee seems high, but you need to remember that you pay no interest because the balance is paid off each month.

There are even prepaid re-loadable cards for people who don't want the hassle of carrying cash or who want a way to budget how much money can be spent.

As you can see, there are a wide variety of cards meeting all types of needs. By reviewing the offers and their rewards, you're sure to find the perfect card for you.

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