Gas Cards - 1 way to save money

Gas cards are a great way to save money in a tightening economy. You can check out the various cards on the Best Gas Card page, as well as read on about the different types of cards for this category.

Applying for Gas Credit Cards - What Do You Want?

We know that the price of gas at the pumps have been falling in the past few weeks but the price is still higher than it was a year ago. That is why when you select your gas credit card you should select your card and make sure that it is one that gives you the best in benefits. There are two types of gas credit cards that you may select. 

Gas Station Cards

The first type of card is offered by the station/company. This type of credit card usually carries the MasterCard, Visa etc. logo and can be used anywhere but you only get rebates on gas purchased from that particular station.

Gas Rebate Cards

The second type of gas card if much more flexible since it is offered by major credit card companies and offers a rebate on gas at any gas station as well as other purchases at grocery stores, etc. The second type of credit card is the most desirable since you can use it any place. 

Choosing the Best Gas Card for Your Needs

The first type of credit card is good if you use the same gas station and find that you are getting your gas much cheaper. The second type of credit card is the most preferred because of your ability to spend it at anywhere and get cash back on your expenditures. The best credit cards offer you three to five percent cash back on gas, groceries and drug store purchases with one percent on all other purchases.

With so many cards on the market today, it's important to look at the one's that are available for you. When you do find one, read the fine print and apply. Once you receive your card, use it to your advantage and save today!

If you're interested in saving money at the pump, please check out the following offers best gas card offers. If you are a business owner or run a fleet of vehicles, check out these options for a business credit card.

Article by Tom Tesson.

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